Apply: Summer Fellowship

(Please note: the application period is October 1 – December 1, 2020)

Please read the application instructions carefully and have everything ready before you start.

  • Complete every sections in the following application form.
  • You will be prompted to upload your CV, Transcript, Prof of English, Personal Essay, and your Lab Essay.  Please ensure that they are in pdf format and that your name is in the title of each document (e.g. MillerL CV.pdf, MillerL Transcript.pdf, etc.) and the document title, date, and page number are in the header or footer of each separate document.
  • Please remind the Referees to write on institute letterhead, sign and scan the letter and include the name of the applicant and the referee in the pdf title (eg MillerL from RossiP). This letter should be emailed directly to (not cc’d to the candidate) by the December 1 deadline.
  • Short-listed candidates will be required to attend a skype interview in late January.
  • Application deadline: December 1 (11:59pm EDT). Documents received after the deadline would not be considered.

You should receive an email following submission of your application, confirming that it was received.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please send a message to Elisabetta Vitali, at the Armenise Harvard Foundation:


Upload your attachments: Please upload the following attachments per the Application Guidelines, using the required file naming conventions:
(Acceptable file types: pdf).
Maximum file size: 4mb.


The application period is October 1 – December 1, 2020