Armenise Harvard Results

Since its establishment in 1996, the Armenise Harvard Foundation has invested over USD 70 M at Harvard and USD 31 M in science in Italy, funding different research programs across the Atlantic. This is how everything started: with a love story.

At Harvard Medical School

Through June, 2019, the Foundation has overall invested approximately USD 70.5 M on HMS programs with annual spending of around USD 2.2 M, of which:

  • Dean’s Basic Science Grant (DG): more than USD 44 M, with annual amounts of around USD 1.6 M
  • Professorships (Prof): USD 7 M for the launch of the Professorship in Basic Biomedical Sciences and the Professorship in Neurology
  • Quad: including HMS Junior Faculty Grants with more than USD 7.3 M, with annual totals of up to USD 600,000; Interdepartmental Grants, with over 10.2 M supporting six HMS basic science departments
  • HiTS – System Pharmacology Lab: USD 9 M (over five years)

Risultati HMS

Funds at HMS by program

Recipients at HMS by program


In Italy

Through June 2019, overall the Foundation has invested approximately USD 31 M on Italian Programs with annual spending of around USD 1.5 M, of which:

  • Career Development Award (CDA): provides 200,000 USD per year, for 3- 5 years, to young scientists to establish their own lab at a host Italian institute. This program constitutes more than 74% of the overall investment in Italy.
  • PhD Program (PhD): supports talented young Italian science graduates who successfully apply to Harvard’s Division of Medical Science (DMS)
  • Summer Fellowship (SF): €2,700 per student. Every year 10-13 students are selected to conduct two months’ research at Harvard Medical School and affiliate laboratories
  • Science Writers Fellowship (SWF): financed young Italian science writers working in Italy to visit Harvard (program is currently on hiatus)

Results in Italy

Funds by Italian program

Others includes: SF, SWF and PhD
Sym includes: Symposia, Workshops and Meetings
Recipients by Italian program

Focus: CDA numbers

  • Armenise Harvard Foundation investment in CDA Program: more than USD 22 M
  • Other funding obtained by CDAs: more than euros 56 M
  • CDA publications since their return to Italy: more than 580
  • Out of the 27 Career Development Awardees, 26 are currently in Italy, achieving great success in their research and career paths
Focus CDA