On August 27, the Foundation held Research Day for the 12th class of Summer Fellows, closing this year’s session.  The group comprised 13 students, who came to Boston from graduate and medical schools throughout Italy.  Three of the students had been accepted to the 2020 class, whose session had to be held virtually, due to the COVID pandemic.  This year we were grateful to be able to bring the students to Boston, so they could have actual experience in Harvard labs.  Their lab projects were nicely presented, albeit via Zoom, and were varied in subject matter, as follows:

Roberta Colapietro/Marcia Haigis Lab, Harvard Medical School
“Defining metabolic dependencies in ALK+ Non-small Cell Lung Cancer”

Matteo Gianeselli/William Pu Lab, Boston Children’s Hospital
“The role of TEAD1, TBX5 and YAP in Atrial Fibrillation”

Giulia Guerra/Anthony Rosenzweig Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital
“The effect of exercise on muscular and cardiovascular metabolism and the role of IGFBP7”

Yeon Joo Lee/Bernardo Sabatini Lab, Harvard Medical School
“EP and LHb: through mice neurosurgery & behavior”

Elisa Marchiori/Daniel Lingwood Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital
“Naïve sensitivity to influenza epitopes in a vaccine model”

Alice Martinotti/David Scadden Lab, Harvard University
“Heterogeneity of HOXB8-FL cells in vitro”

Daniele Migliorati/Brendan Manning Lab, Harvard Medical School
“A high-throughput, cell-based screening method for siRNA and small molecule inhibitors of mTORCC1 signaling using the In Cell Western technique”

Simone Procaccia/Martin Hemberg Lab, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
“Network Biology & Promoter-Enhancer Interactions”

Silvia Rizzato/Pietro Genovese Lab, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
“Reprogramming B cell specificity via B cell receptor (BCR) receptor editing with CRISPR/Cas targeted nuclease”

Emanuele Rovera/Matthew Meyerson Lab, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
“The intracellular Life-Style of Fusobacterium nucleatum in Colorectal Cancer”

Carola Rutigliani/Ana C. Anderson Lab, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
“Cancer Immunology, CD8+ T cell Exhaustion”

Valeria Taliani/Aaron Aguirre Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital
“Optical Clearing of the Murine Heart for Investigations of the Coronary Microcirculation”

Elena Todisco/Monica Colaiacovo Lab, Harvard Medical School
“SYP4 phosphorylation regulates DSB levels during meiosis in C.elegans