Lisa Mayer

The Board of Trustees governs the Foundation. Count Giampiero Auletta Armenise is the Foundation Chairman, George Q. Daley, Dean of Harvard Medical School, is the President and Chief Executive Officer. Other Board members include Michael Greenberg, Chairman of the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board, David Smallwood, Harvard Medical School’s Interim Chief Financial Officer as Treasurer and Clerk, and Lisa Mayer, the Foundation’s Executive Director.

The Scientific Advisory Board includes the heads of the seven basic science departments at Harvard Medical School. The Scientific Advisory Board oversees the implementation of the scientific programs, including the design of the grant selection and review processes.

The Italian Scholarship Advisory Committee comprises 11 senior Italian research scientists from diverse fields of basic biomedical and plant biological sciences. They are responsible for recommending the Armenise Harvard Career Development Award recipients and for advice on shaping the Foundation programs in Italy.

Ellen Levine and Elisabetta Vitali

Day-to-day operation of the Foundation is managed by the Executive Director, Lisa Mayer, the Director for Italian Programs, Elisabetta Vitali, and the Administrative Coordinator, Ellen Levine.