Get to Know: Joseph Loparo, Junior Faculty Grant Recipient

Joseph Loparo, PhD

Where did your interest in science start and what led you to this field of work?
I was always intrigued by how things worked; when I learned about molecules, I knew I was hooked. The idea that life emerges from this hidden world, which is bustling with activity, remains fascinating to me.

What are your biggest challenges in running a lab?
One of the biggest challenges in running a lab is raising the funds necessary to conduct our work. Federal funding for research has not kept up with rising costs of living, which means that grant dollars do not go as far as they used to. Private foundations, such as the Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Foundation, play an important role in supporting our operations.

What thrills you most about what you do?
I love the sense of wonder that accompanies scientific discovery. It is an amazing feeling to solve one of nature’s puzzles for the first time. Sharing in this discovery with members of my laboratory is equally rewarding. A lab can be a lot like a family – with all its blessings and challenges.