Jean-Michel Cioni, 2019

Career Development Award Project Title

“Unlocking the endosome’s role in intra-axonal protein synthesis”, 2019

Who he is

Jean-Michel Cioni received a Master Degree in Health Science-Neurobiology from the University of Montpellier, France, in 2008.
He then started his scientific training by performing his PhD in the laboratory of Dr. Fabrice Ango at the Institute of Functional Genomics (CNRS, INSERM, Montpellier, France), working on neuronal development in the cerebellar cortex.
In 2013, Jean-Michel moved to Pr. Christine Holt’s laboratory in the Department Physiology, Development and Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. There, first as an EMBO postdoctoral fellow and then as a Research Associate, he focused his research on the local control of protein expression in neuronal compartments.
In 2019, Jean-Michel obtained the Armenise Harvard Career Development Award and established his laboratory at the  San Raffaele Institute in Milano.

What he does

Jean-Michel’s research focuses on understanding how neuronal networks are assembled and maintained during development and throughout the life of an organism. Indeed, neurons are morphologically complex cells that require the tight control of their protein composition at the subcellular level. His laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms underlying protein expression in neuronal subdomains, and how alterations of this process participate to the pathological mechanisms behind neurological disorders.

News from the Lab

Thanks to the Armenise Harvard Career Development Award, Jean-Michel is currently focusing his research on the mechanisms supporting the effective transport, delivery and expression of the genetic information in neurons. In particular, he is investigating the potential role of vesicles called endosomes. Traditionally studied for their function in trafficking, his lab is exploring whether endosomes could also play a direct role in protein expression in neuronal compartments.